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Sprouted grain sourdough bread

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Sprouted grain sourdough bread

Experience working with people on improving their health by changing their food has shown that most people respond much better to sprouted grains.  I teach people to sprout nuts, seeds and grains before using them and specialize in making Sprouted Spelt Bread that uses yeast. 

 Many people are also sensitive to commercial yeast and need to avoid yeast based products all together.

 I am starting a new "experiment", if you will, to see if making the sprouted bread with a sourdough starter will work better for people than the standard sprouted bread.

 I have a spelt/rye starter brewing made with Rejuvelac from the spelt grain.  This morning I made sourdough spelt pancakes and muffins.  Today I am working on building enough starter to make the sprouted spelt bread.  Both were delicious!

I notice that the spelt base is much more liquid than the rye.  The rye I used was a sprouted rye flour, the spelt was just a whole grain spelt.

 I would love to hear from others who have tried sprouted sourdough bread.

You can get my sprouted spelt bread recipe on my website, at this link


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Why Spelt? Is there something wrong with wheat? Both contain gluten.

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Spelt seems to be very popular with bread bakers in Australia, or at least with the ones I've met on; it's the flavour, described as nutty by some.  I have yet to try it myself as it's rather expensive here.

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I am not a purest on bread, but am convinced about the benefits of sprouted grains.  I just made my first loaf and it tastes great!  I simply added a little over 1 cup wild yeast starter (gooey paste consistency) and 2 cups sprouted spelt (small white sprouts, took about a week), 1 tsp raw honey and 1 tbsp pumpkin seed oil (or olive would work), mixed well by hand and placed in glass bowl with saran wrap lossely covering and then a towel in the oven with light on overnight (about 14-15 hrs), then I added 2 cups bread flour and 1/2 cup rye flour and about a cup of water and stirred it together well.  Then I placed all the dough in my bread machine.  I used the program setting to prekenad 5 min and then knead 5min, set all 3 rises to max of 100 minutes, and all other knead cycles to 0 minutes, cook for 45 minutes and cool for 15 minutes. (This makes it a 5+ hr cycle).

Fabulous and very easy!!!  Would highly recommend.

I have found that I mix the flours I add to the starter wheat, rye, spelt, and the starter is not fussy, in fact it seems to prefer the variety and is becoming more consistent at raising the loaf.