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bread with fresh milled four

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bread with fresh milled four

so we recently got a flour program going at my restaurant where i have been milling fresh flour for pasta and dumplings, but now i want to move into breads all i know about fresh milled flour with bread is that you will need more flour because it hasnt settled yet, so any help would be great.

Thanks, Jon

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The lack of settling time shouldn't affect the weight, so if you follow a recipe by weight, you should be okay.

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you could add a bit vitamin C. 

baking properties improve when the flour is stored for some time after grinding. this is attributed to the oxidation of proteins by oxygen from the air. nowadays flour is often used within one week after grinding, so it doesn’t get enough time to ripen.


 the effect of natural oxidation is comparable but rather small compared to the action of dough conditioners. a too large dose makes the dough stiff.


 all flour improvers are oxidants: they produce oxygen when mixed with water and the dough is kneaded. the oxygen reacts with protein in the flour.  details of this reaction are still unknown. the positive effect of the flour conditioners can be compared with what happens during storage of flour.


vitamin C is a reducing agent. but it is converted to dehydro ascorbic acid (= oxidant) during kneading. during the baking proces the vitamin is totally lost

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 I always understood, fresh milled white flour needs time to age before it is used,  Fresh milled whole wheat should be used within hours of milling......