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Can anyone comment on the idea of using 5 grain cereal from Bob's Red Mill in this bread? I seem to remember reading that it could be used but can't find a reference under Struan. Maybe the cereal was used for something else? Thanks for any ideas, A.

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Can't speak from experience (yet), but it sounds good to me. I have some similar cereal (I think: it's 5 grains, all rolled like oatmeal) that I've used in other breads with good results. I've actually been tossing around trying it in my next attempt at Struan-like bread.


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 I have a batch of PR's Struan from the WHole Grains book rising right now, using cooked Bob's Red Mill 5-grain cereal.  I found that the dough was very very wet and had to use quite a bit more flour when kneading.   I also used a sourdough starter, so am waiting for rising a bit longer than expected.

 I'll let you know how it turns out!   


MommaT, Novice Baker