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My Pain sur Poolish

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March 28, 2006 - 7:55pm -- JohnnyX

I finally buy a digital camera, and the first picture I take is of bread lol =) Not quite in focus though, still figuring out how to work my new toy.


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Submitted by luc on

Your comments on the camera I mean.

I'd say throw that camera on AF and shoot in a well lit area and make sure you far enough from the subject (your bread) that the camera can actually auto-focus and you're all good.

Best regards,

How was the bread?

JohnnyX's picture
Submitted by JohnnyX on

The bread was great. One of the things I really like about baking is that you can really enjoy the fruits of your labor, and I did...about a loaf and a halfs worth. I'll keep practicing with my af on my camera. I should be able to take better pics of my bread in the future.

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Submitted by Paddyscake on

It looks mighty tasty!!!