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Greetings from the Pine Tree State

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Greetings from the Pine Tree State

This is a great site!  I am a lover of good bread and I have made bread for allot of years 'by feel' and mostly do OK but want to do better. I have never made a sourdough bread, however and am going to jump into a batch this morning, so I will have without doubt, many questions later. 

Of interest is that I just finished making a clay oven and would be using it to bake the above mentioned bread but for the incessant rain we have had here this week... darn!  It figures, I just get the oven dried and it rains for a week, I feel like a kid with a new bike during the winter and can only look at it and pout. Oh well.


Enjoy the day!


Craig D. 

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Mini Oven

Or one of those tarpin thingy things and go for it!  Rain just means you get more steam and don't have to spray mist your loaf before scoring!  Yes!  Got any pictures of your oven?  Don't worry about any rain, we have x-rain vision.  Just don't get the camera wet.  :)  Hope to hear from you soon...

Mini O

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If it were me, I'd be munching into a big Lobster roll in your neck of the woods. Hoping all along that it would stop raining before the first freeze!


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Hi folks!

Well, the weather did break later in the morning, enough so that I fired up the oven, and that was about the one good thing about my baking day!  Thankfully there is not a Society for the Protection of Sourdough Yeast! That poor bread was abused by my hurry and lack of experience. I made it too, wet (figuring the higher heat of the oven) and I used a too, high a proportion of the starter in trying to get 'er done It was sour, with out doubt!. Lesson learned, slow down. 


I would post a picture of the oven, but I'm not sure how.  I tried to drag a pic to the comment section, but all I got was a path to the photo in my computer, probably not much use to anyone but me. 

Be well,


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This weather is getting old, isn't it?  I'm in Standish, and built a mud oven last year.  I haven't used it nearly enough yet, but I'm learning.  I think I need more layers.  If the weather ever clears, we're going to add more.  Have fun!