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starter with asorbic acid

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starter with asorbic acid

made my first sourdough starter with bottled water and flour, equal amounts by volume.  (I hear you all screaming BY WEIGHT!)

after making the original batter I let it sit at 75F and fed it after 24 hours, went to work, came home and cheked on it, LOW AND BEHOLD A FROTHY MESS!  (about 36 hours total time)

the flour i used was 5 Roses AP and KA AP 1:1 ratio.

Roses adds asorbic acid to their flour and AP adds barly malt.  Both supposedly enhance yeast by feeding it or making it work longer and faster. can i attribute my quick starter to this??

im a newbie, and any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Personally, I'd doubt it.

VitaminC doesn't act to make the yeast frothier, faster breeding or anything like that.

It strengthens (or rather reduces the weakening of) the gluten, which means that doughs with VitaminC may feel 'stiffer' (less chewing gum extensible), spread less, and can do a better job of holding in gas - eventually resulting in a slightly taller loaf.


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I highly doubt that the growth you are seeing is from yeast at this point. Normally the bacteria will 'bloom' and cause lots of bubbles. Tomorrow that will probably subside and your starter will appear practically inactive. Keep feeding it and in a few days it will start to grow again, and this time it will be yeast. If you have any whole grain flour, add a spoonful of that to your feedings and it will start quicker. Good luck, and hang in there--you'll soon have a starter going!

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thanks for the encouragment.  it seems your right, bubbles have slowed down and it smells better now, more yeasty and less sour.

i'm about 4 days into it and im getting a good amount of bubbles. i think? but not too much of a rise.

im feeding it once a day, and its the consitency of pancake batter.

keeping it at about 74F.

am i on my way??


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Hi vpsihop.

With the starter of such a high hydration level, it will be very difficult for it to show rise after feedings. So if you keep your starter this wet you'll have to go on faith that it will indeed work.

The bubble activity and the change of smell clearly indicate that you are on your way. By day 5 my starter was ready for a test loaf. So you might as well start looking for a recipe to test with.