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Grape Harvest Focaccia?

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Grape Harvest Focaccia?

Last week was the first time I had ever seen, tasted, or baked Focaccia.  I followed the direction to the letter and the bottom was a very dark brown, burnt.  This week I used a Pizza stone and it came out just right.  I looked high and low all over the place for a Whole Wheat Sourdough Focaccia recipe and didn't find one so I made my own up.  In "Local Breads" I saw the recipe for "Grape Harvest Focaccia" so I decided to add the grapes since mine are ripe.

Grape Harvest FocacciaGrape Harvest Focaccia 


Focaccia CrumbFocaccia Crumb 

 Coming out of the oven the Rosemary just smacks you in the face.  Then you get the fruit aromas of the grapes.  The taste of this is just great.  The first flavor is the grapes and after chewing it for awhile you get the tangy sourdough.  I'm very happy with how it turned out this week. 

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What kind of grapes do you grow? They look like red flames.


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I think those are red flame.  I have lots of different kinds of grapes.  Those happen to get ripe the earliest.  My real vineyard is six acres of Zinfandel.  I wonder how the Focaccia would taste with grapes that have seeds in them?

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Paddyscake Thought you might enjoy seeing another interpretation!

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I looked through the whole Pizza, focaccia, and flat breads forum and never saw anything like that.  I never though about searching the blogs.  Here is what I ended up doing.

The starter is made with WW and is 80% hydration.  I put 200 grams of starter into the dough.  I mixed the starter up and about 14 hours latter I added it to the dough.

 The dough is 80% hydration made with fresh ground red winter wheat.  I mixed it up with the water into a shaggy mess and let it sit for about 4 hours before I added the salt and the starter.  I used 1,000 grams of flour and 2% salt.  I mixed everything for 2.5 minutes and was going to let it rest 5 minutes then mix it some more.  I forgot about it and came back in 30 minutes and figured I had better not mix it any more.  I divided the dough in half using half for the focaccia and the other half for some bread.  Once again I was going to get back to it in an hour to fold it but I forgot.

 When the dough had doubled I put it in the refrigerator until the next day.  I covered a medium pizza pan with parchment paper and turned out the dough on to it.  Next I pressed it out into a nice flat dough edge to edge in the pizza pan.  Olive oil was spread all over it with my hands then a little bit extra was added.  Then I dimpled the top with my finger, crushed some rock salt and sprinkled it all over the top.  Then I spread fresh rosemary and pressed in the grapes into the dough.

Cooking is done in a charcoal cooker on a pizza stone.  The temperature was 460° for 20 minutes.  I waited until the dough had risen to about a half inch or more.  The dough was slid out of the pizza pan on the parchment paper directly on to the pizza stone.

 I let it cool about 25 minutes before testing it. 

 The bread was cooked latter after if was ready.  It turned out great too.