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More adventures with sourdough and other breads

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More adventures with sourdough and other breads

I read something on this site about getting a free starter, the "Carl" one. I googled it and sent away for it and got it about 2 weeks ago. After reconstituting Carl and proofing both Carl and my starter, I made sourdough bread from a recipe that I found on their online brochure, the San Fransisco Sourdough Bread recipe that they said comes from Bread Alone or something like that. It took a LOT of work and time (and made a watery mess on the floor when I poured the water in the oven), but the four loaves that came out were the most beautiful, perfect, delicious sourdough loaves I have ever seen! (not really, but they were awesome to me). I couldn't really tell a difference in the two breads.

Yesterday I made french baguettes, but they turned out soft. I had to leave at the very end of baking, and left the egg-white-washing and oven-water-pouring to my dad, so he may have done something wrong. I also made honey-whole wheat bread, and undercooked them.:( I was disappointed. I'm not very good at telling whether bread is done, especially from loaf pans. They still taste good, though.

Today I want to make more sourdough stuff (I proofed it yesterday), maybe sourdough pancakes or something?