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Honey for sugar in Hamelman's Challah

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Honey for sugar in Hamelman's Challah

Hi all,

I'm a long-time lurker, long-time bread baker.  I live in Ottawa Canada and really enjoy reading/devouring all the posts.  I guess you could say I am passionate/obsessed with bread and bake frequently, at least 2-3 times a week.  Mostly straight doughs, but do indulge in the occasional sourdough - only problem is my family doesn't like sourdough so I end up eating it all (not a good thing for the waist).

 So, my question, out of all the Challah recipes I've tried, including Glezer's and Berenbaum's, I like Hamelman's the best.  But the problem is that he uses sugar and I really like the traditional honey taste better.  So, how do I substitute honey for the sugar.  In case this helps, the recipe calls for 1.8 oz (5.5%) sugar and 10.2 oz (32%) water.  There is additional liquid in the eggs, but I don't see how I could swap that out.





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I have always just swapped 1 for 1 honey for sugar and reduced water by a Tablespoon or so. I'm sure you are correct that honey would have been the traditional sweetener. I checked around a little with my usual sources and surprisingly didn't find a recipe for Challah using honey. I think the next time I make it I'll switch.


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The bread bible has a recepie for challah using honey as a sweetener. It also talks about the moisture content of honey. If honey is for exemple 40% water (normal precentages) then you whould have to divide the sugar called for in the recepie with 0,60 (being the sugar content of honey) and subtracting the surplus amount from the moisture in the formula.

 exemple: dough calls for 50g of sugar and 200g of water. You want to use honey with a moisture content of 40%, that is 60% sugar. you divide 50 with 0.60 and get ~84gs. This is 34gs more than the 50 sugar needed, the surplus is water so you subtract that from the water in the formula. 200 - 34 = 166gs. New formula: 84gs honey 166gs water.

 I will check the "bibles" info on honey when I have a chance and report back.