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I think I've fallen in love with this website. I stumbled upon it very recently, and I've already spent far too much time here. My grandmother taught me to make bread almost 40 years ago, and it's always been a kind of therapy for me. There is nothing as satisfying to the soul as producing something that smells and tastes as wonderful as bread -- in all it's wonderful possibilities. It's great to join a community of like-minded people.

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I couldn't agree with you more.  This website is the absolute BEST.  I don't know why Floyd doesn't charge us, but hey, be lets hush and maybe he won't get the idea  ;)

Bread making is VERY theraputic.  Some weeks I have so many loaves to share.  Why, just last week I went through ten pounds of flour in two days. :O

Fret not; I'm eating toast, crouton cereal and sandwiches galore.  My waistline is....well, let's just say I've lost my waistline and I love spandex.

Seriously, Welcome to TFL! 


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Crouton cereal? I've never heard of that, but I think I know what you are saying. Buttered bread cubes, toasted in the oven, and then sprinkled with sugar in a bowl of milk? Wow! That's a real breakfast of champaions.

Thanks for the welcome, and guess what I'm having for breakfast. 

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We are snowbirds from Vancouver, B.C.  We, of course buy San Francisci sour dough bread at Albertson's.  Why is bread here so crumbly?  Is it the flour?  I use high gluten flour from Costco normally at home.  I didn't realize that all flours were not created equal!  I will travel with my own flour next time.  Bakeries here are terrible.


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Do you mean bakeries in Vancouver or in the States?

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Hello, I only joined this week too, I too looooooove the site. I guess most of you guys are accross the water from me, I'm here in the uk. I started baking my own bread back in April/May as the price of bread here leapt virtually overnight and we were paying stupid amounts for real cheap pappy stuff. I have also suffered in the past with, lets put this delicately 'digestion problems' often set off by bread here in the uk. Absolutely no trouble now I am baking it myself. I am VERY amatuer but experimenting and trying new stuff all the time. My neighbours say its very good, my other half is very encouraging too, but I know from reading this site that I have a long way to go yet. I hope to chat to more of you soon and obviously learn lots more too, T xx