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HI, new to this forum.

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HI, new to this forum.

I'm not exactly new to baking, I've dabbled in bread baking for a few years. I'm on my second bread machine, a Zojirushi. My first ended up on eBay. For some reason, I have a renewed enthusiasm for baking. I've also accumulated several books, including the Bread Bakers Apprentice, which I haven't attempted yet, and The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook, which I have had excellent results with every recipe I've tried.

I love the beautiful pictures on this site, which is probably why I keep coming back. It gives me such encouragement to keep trying on my own. I love hearing others experiences and learning new tips. 

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I also use the  Zojirushi for many breads and especially for making pizza dough.

You have two good books of the many out there. I love the Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook and every recipe is doable. There is excellent general advice there as well. This site is probably one of the best on the net for bread bakers and you will find something to keep you motivated every day.

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I will enjoy reading about your adventures as you explore your books.  I have Peter's book and am thrilled with all that it has taught me.  Before that book I had never attempted sourdough, didn't have a clue as to its many processes and therefore, had no idea of where I was going.  But you know that adage, "Knowledge is power"?  Well, it really, really is.  :)

Welcome home!  You really are in for a treat.  This is the nicest family of bakers in the world.