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Melba Toast

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Melba Toast

Does  anyone have a recepie for Melba Toast? or has any one ever tried to make it?

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I just cut the bread as thin as I can, lay it out on a cookie sheet, and bake it at a pretty low temperature until fairly evenly brown.  You should turn them over so they can brown on both sides.

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Make toast with regular sandwich bread cut about 0.5" thick. Then split each slice to expose the untoasted inside & make 2 very thin slices, put them toasted side down & dry in a slow oven.

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Don't know if you have a pain de mie pan, but pain de mie (French pullman loaf), thinly sliced and dried out on low heat in the oven (as PaddyL suggested), makes great melba toast. 

Howard - St. Augustine, FL