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Peter Reinhart class in Northern California this month

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Peter Reinhart class in Northern California this month

Hi Folks,

I just recently found the Fresh Loaf (and love it, I'm learning soo much!)... so I dont know if someone has posted this already,  but I just saw that Peter Reinhart is going to be at the COPIA center in Napa on July 20th.  He's going to be covering topics from the new Whole Grain book. 

I just got the BBA book this week... and coincidentally made my first ever truly edible loaves... so I'll probably be going to see what other magic might rub off on me ;-)

I also wanted to say I am so glad I found this community, you're just such a truly nice and helpful group of people- and there's so much great information here!  I love the fact that if I'm not quite understanding something by reading a post, there are usually really great photos and even videos to help me out.


Copia Link:

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Thanks for the link. I am most definitely going to look into going and if it won't be too bad on my pocket book I'll have to go.

And welcome to TFL. You'll have fun and be challenged here, surely.