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Greetings from Sunny Florida

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Greetings from Sunny Florida

 I found this site about a week ago and have been reading around daily since. I've never baked bread (or much of anything really other than meats and veggies that required baking, but you know what I mean). I have an immense passion for cooking, but always steared clear of baking because I've always been really scattered and baking requires a level of accuracy and organization that I lack. However, I've been trying to quiet my mind lately and decided to give baking bread a go. I gave it my first go with the recipe for rustic bread on the main page. I had an amazing time with the entire baking process and although my loaf isn't exactly attractive, it tasted really great and I'm proud of myself for seeing it through.


So, anyway... my name is Mashi from Miami, FL and I look forward to baking more bread. Here are pictures of my first loaf (forgive the weirdness of one of them, I accidently pulled the cord out mid upload and I think it damaged the image.




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Hi, Mashi.

Welcome to TFL!

You're off to a great start. Your very first bread was fun to make and good to eat. You hit the bulls-eye!

I can't tell which loaf you think looks "weird." Rustic breads can look "unique," by definition. If you are worried about the shape, wetter doughs are always more of a challenge to shape, but they often make breads that are better to eat. Shaping is a skill that comes with practice, so don't worry. Practice.

Let us know how your baking is coming along. If you have questions, ask them. There are lots of us who were where you are now not so long ago and got better with experience and help from the other home bakers who hang out on TFL.


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 Thank you for the welcome =] I will definantely continue to practice.

The image problem seems to have fixed itself (it was scrambled at the bottom of the image, but it seems fine now... very odd). 

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Congratulations on your first loaf and welcome to the site!



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Hi Mashi,

I live in Broward County and great bread is not available here in So. Florida. Anything you bake is better than anything you can find. Read the info on this site and get a good bread book with recipes that you understand and you will be amazed how far you will advance. Your bread looks great and continue doing what you are doing.


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Nice first loaf.  Good to see another Floridian joining TFL.  Welcome aboard.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL