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Dense bread

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Dense bread


I am an amateur yeast baker, just wanted to ask, because all the thing I've baked have come out  great in terms of taste, but their crumb is often really dense and heavy. I was wondering whether anyone knows what the cause of this is? I've used all purpose flour and whole wheat flour, with rapid rise yeast.



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Causes I encountered when starting....

Most likely: weak leavening, not hydrated enough, overproofing, higher % of whole wheat than needed.

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Weak leavening? Sorry what do you mean by that? 
Whenever I knead the bread there are always little clumps despite continuously kneading. Could this be the reason?

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RFMonaco dry yeast and make sure it's thoroughly dissolved (in water that's no warmer than 100 deg) before adding to the flour.

Be sure the yeast is well within it's date code limits and it should be kept in the fridge for longer life.

Aim for a somewhat slack (not stiff) dough by being hydrated enough and don't let it rise more than double the original volume, takes about an hour.

Post back your results

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If you're serious about learning the craft you will need a good baking book e.g. Peter Reinhart's Bread Baker's apprentice.  There are 11 steps in the baking process that every baker needs to know and thoroughly understand.  I suggest you make the investment and then choose 1 recipe and do it until you get it right and "own" the process.  Then move on to the next recipe/challenge.  If you don't learn the 11 steps you'll never be able to understand how it all comes together in a step by step systematic process.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL