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Sourdough using Mother Earth News Recipe

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Sourdough using Mother Earth News Recipe

I am not only new to baking, I have never "blogged" before, so maybe someone has asked this before but I can't find the answer. I am so excited to have success using the Mother Earth News Magazine artisan bread recipe where you stir yeast water flour & salt, let it rise overnite, then put it in a dutch oven heated in a 475 degree oven!!!! I have never been able to make good bread until now. then I ordered "sourdough starter" for 5$ and figured out too late I bought a couple of Tbl. flour for 5$. it got moldy & I had to throw it out, and looking for some help I have come across this very helpful and nurturing website. I have copied the recipe for wild yeast sourdough starter and I'm wondering why I can't use it in the recipe instead of yeast in my dutch oven? also, I read someone's comment that they formed their loaf, then sprayed it once each minute for 5 minutes & put a pan of water in the oven... the dutch oven keeps the bread moist & steamy so they could skip that. The recipe is on Mother Earth news website, I think it's from the New York Times a couple of years ago. Can I adapt that recipe?

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Welcome to TFL, cgrace - this is the place to meet friendly people who love to answer bread questions! Yes, you can make the no-knead bread with sourdough starter instead of yeast, and if you go to Breadtopia you will find that Eric has videos showing how to make both types. Let us know how it goes, good luck, A.

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Glad you've joined us.

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