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Auvergne Crown

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Auvergne Crown

I thought I would try to make this bread from "Local Breads".  I wasn't sure how it would turn out since this is the first time I had tried making this bread.  When I was shaping the crown it picked up to much flour from the counter and the ends of the rope didn't want to seal together.  I just twisted them around each other and it didn't come apart.  The bread looked a little light to me so I left it in an extra 10 minutes.  I'm going to cut it later tonight and see how it tastes.

Auvergne CrownAuvergne Crown 

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staff of life

Not traditional, but I like the twisting!


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That bread look beautiful :) I like the effect the twisting had :)


Hows it taste~?





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The twisting came about from me trying to seal the ends together.  I gave up before I made a mess of the dough.  Here is a picture of the sliced bread.

Crown CrumbCrown Crumb

 The crumb was very moist.  I'm glad that I cooked the bread an extra 10 minutes.  Next time I would cook it another 5 minutes.  The book said to cook the bread at 400° F which is about 50 to 60 degrees lower than I normally cook bread.

 The bread tastes great and the people at work loved it too.