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First ever loaf

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First ever loaf

Amazing. Your post was just plain amazing. Given my hate-hate relationship with yeast for years now, I wanted to just give it one last shot before giving up. Your photos, steps and descriptions were spot on!! Especially when you said that as you knead, you can feel the dough change consistency - and that was so true.

Thank you. I baked my first bread and this was it and it was devoured by 3 hungry people in 20 minutes flat! it was just scrumptious. I wanted to share some photos with you.


My First LoafMy First Loaf
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Great work on your first loaf.  I remember the hungry hordes descending on my first good crusty white loaf and eating it all - if was a happy event. 


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Sounds like you made 3 people very happy with your bread.  Baking is such a rewarding exercise for both the baker and those sharing the results.  Keep at it and keep trying new recipes and methods...keep pushing the envelope.  Keep us posted re: your baking adventures.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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Mini Oven

And when they know we like them, they are happy to preform.  I see the beginning of a lasting friendship.  :)

Mini O

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Very nice akrishna! May I suggest that you enjoy the feeling of pride and satisfaction. As simple as baking bread is, it is also complicated. You have entered the role of one who can feed the world from grains of the earth. No small thing.

I look forward to seeing your work. I have found that if I stick to a single recipe and get so I can make it in my sleep so to speak, I find ways to improve on the flavor or crumb or shape until I like it.