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Gluten Free 100% Rice Bread

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Gluten Free 100% Rice Bread

Trying to find a GOOD gluten free bread on the market is like digging for gold in your back garden. You might strike lucky but you still will come up with a lot of dirt!

Now one thing peeps may not know about me is that I'm a skilled baker, so I thought lets see if I can turn my hard earned talent to gluten free breads, pastries and cakes.

My first attempt wasn't a 100% success. Not enough yeast, I misread the recipe. DOH!

My second attempt though turned out a whole lot better.



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That looks beautiful.  Would you mind posting the recipe?

I'm hoping to get into gluten-free baking in the near future; do you have any tips? 

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Me, too; me, too!!!!!!!

 I would really like the recipe for a co-worker's mother who is gluten intolerant.  I have been experimenting, but so far, everything has gone out to the birds.

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Gladly share, I have put it underneath the recipe share heading, under the general sub heading.

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Can someone please tell me how to find where she posted the recipe. I don't know where the "recipe share heading" is..