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week with DLX

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week with DLX

I have now made bread with my DLX for a week now.  I have used the roller and scraper and the dough hook.  I have had no absolute failures, but I do baby-sit it while it is running.  The textures have been very nice. 

Question?  Basically, I add my liquids first and 2 cups of whatever flour I am using.  With the machine running, I add all but the last cup of flour, just in case I don't need it.  I have made most of the recipes before and have usually added all the flour the recipes call for.  I have found, with the DLX, that I rarely need to add all, or any, of the remainding flour.  Have other DLX users experienced the same thing?  Sometimes I even need to add a dribble of water to get it to the right consistancy even after holding some of the flour back. 

The flour and everything have remained the same, only the mixer has changed.  Just wondered if others have noticed this?  Terry