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Amount of Ingredients and Fermentation Time

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Amount of Ingredients and Fermentation Time

Hi guys, sorry for asking so many questions.

 Just wondering, is there a link between the amount of ingredients and fermentation time. For instance, do I have to ferment longer for 1 kg worth of flour, 2 kg and 3kg or is the fermentation time equal?



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As long as the amount of yeast or sourdough starter is increased in proportion to the amount of flour + water, and the whole is mixed thoroughly, the fermentation time should be roughly the same for all quantities a home baker would use.


Fermentation is an exponenential growth process if you want to investigate further.

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I'll agree and say that if the proportions are equal, then proof time is about the same.  The only difference is if you use a refrigerated starter or your ingredients are cold for some reason (stored in freezer or garage during winter), with more bulk it can take the dough longer to rise just because it takes longer for the temp of the dough to equalize with that of the room.  With a few pounds of flour it doesn't matter quite as much, but if you have a 10 lb lump of dough it can take a while for the center to warm up.

 Even making a double batch of dough I rarely have a lump bigger than about 3.5 lbs, and it rises at the same rate as half that amount.