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Washing nightmare

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Washing nightmare

Hi guys, I have been having trouble cleaning my baking equipment. Washing them with water results in wet dough and scrubbing them with scrubs result in wet dough on all my scrubs which are really difficult to wash away. Does any one have the same problem or good solutions?

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Never use warm or hot water to wash doughy equipment.  Soak in cold water first, then use a scraper to get out the big bits; the rest should follow with a J-cloth.

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I agree, SOAK SOAK SOAK.  my wife is extremely prticular about bits of goop on her dishtowels and gives a full inspection after each round of baking so consequently I have always been meticulous about this.  What you reAlly need to do is make sure as soon as you are done with the mixing bowl is fill it with water so by the time you finish your work and are ready to wash all the goop wil be ready to come off and not be as solid as a layer of plaster.  Then all you will need to do is scrape with your plastic scraper and wash up. 

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if not careful.  Those little bits of dough that we think we are washing down the sink, are they really flushing out of the system?  ... I learned the hard way, back in my earlier days of breadbaking.  I had a clogged sink one afternoon and after plunging I discovered my nightmare.  Since then, I dump baking soda and vinegar into the sink once a week.  ... about 1/2 cup of soda, followed by a half cup of cheap, white vinegar.  Let it set and bubble to it's hearts content.  Follow later in the day, hour, or morning, with a good flushing of hot water.  Not only does it freshen the disposal, it clears anything that thought about free rent.

Also, I try to scrap every last bit of dough that I can from anything, the bowl, the spoon and the scraper, tossing it into the trash can, and not down the sink.

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I have a "green pad" scrub devoted solely to my bread board and peel, which I wash in the dishwasher whenever it gets crusted with dough bits.  I put it on the top rack and wedge it between the cups so it doesn't fly around during the washing.

I also put my kitchen sponges in the dishwasher for cleaning.  I always run it with the hottest water possible to get rid of the germs...the dishwasher soap is pretty strong too. 


Paula F

Philadelphia PA