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where can I find a rosetta stamp

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where can I find a rosetta stamp

I've recently started baking breads from  Daniel Leader's "Local Breads".  I've been quite pleased so far.  The ciabatta is WONDERFUL!!!!  I would like to make the rosetta rolls, but a search on the internet for a stamp has yielded nothing!  Can anyone tell me where I can find one?  Also, are they the same thing as a kaiser stamp?  I've looked for those too with no luck.

Thanks for any help

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You can find bread stamps here:

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 Hi Tommy,

 I saw Rosetta stamps at "".


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Wow!  Thanks so much.  I've checked out both sites and they are awesome!

David, I'll be ordering several items from your site.  The products are great and the scholarship fund is an added incentive.


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Hi, Tammy.

Just to be clear, the SFBI is not "my" site, except that's where I bought my bannetons - both the French-style ones (in all sizes) and the round German-style ones.

They take orders over the phone only but have been very pleasant to deal with. The bannetons have all been of excellent quality, and their prices are the best I've found.



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Gotcha . . . thanks David.


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buns of steel

I agree that TMB Baking and SFBI are a great place to purchase bread items. The service is always excellent, shipping prompt, and nice folks too.  And a great little selection of bread things, including couche fabric, proofing baskets, etc.  They also don't treat Canadians like they're lepers, as Fantes does. (TMB/SFBI will ship to Canada, Fantes won't, and Fantes also will not allow any purchases even to addresses in the United States if your credit card is not from the United States.)


Tammy - a tip: if you're buying bread stamps from SFBI, the spiral one is really nice!

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Being a gadget freak, I bought a rosetta stamp after reading "Local Breads".  It was very expensive - something like $28.00 plus shipping.  I never had very good results.  I had much better results by just folding the dough around six sides.  The results were much closer to what I experienced in Italy but, I am still learning


an engineer trying to bake good bread.  Have Nutrimill

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Dave, I'm a gadget freak myself, and I'm also nowhere near confident enough to fold the dough by hand.  Good for you!

 I'll order the stamp(s), along with some other goodies (yay!) and hope for the best.