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Fathers Day Fiasco

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Fathers Day Fiasco

I purchased a fibrament stone for my husband as a Fathers Day gift.  I ordered a 20X20 to find out my oven is not deep enough....can this stone be cut? If yes, how?  Hope someone out there can help !!


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I'm sure it can be cut.  It appears to be a high-tech cement-like substance.  I'd try a local concrete or tile company.  They'd likely have saws that can take the temperatures necessary to keep cutting a stone like Fibrament.

Good luck to you! 

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Heck, even a local hardware store with a wet saw might be able to do it (if they sell and cut tile they'll probably have the necessary equipment).

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They cut tiles there, it used to be a buck a cut.

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I bought 2 regular pizza stones (enough stone to cover the entire oven rack) and had one cut with a water saw at Home Depot in their ceramic tile dept.  As I recall, they charged U.S. fifty cents per cut.  Also, any ceramic tile company that installs ceramic tile should have a water saw.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL