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Lorie S


Hello.  My name is Lorie and I'm new here. 

I've been baking bread for a couple years now and enjoy it.  However, with my toddler running around after his two older siblings I thought I'd try out bread machines.  I find completely different results and my kids beg me to go back to my old ways.  In my search to save my bread (from the machine) I found this site.  

I hope to learn much and hopefully be a blessing as well. 

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Hi Lorie and Welcome! I'm fairly new here myself and have learned a lot from the other members. Another really nice thing about the site is the members are also very helpful in figuring out problems that you may encounter in your bread journey. I'm pretty much an organic sourdough, San Francisco French who gave up using a mixer type but am now thinking about expanding into other experimental bread categories. This place has a wonderful effect on people who bake and it is good!  In fact your kids already know the difference!  Must be something there...,


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Hi there! I'm a baking mom as well! Welcome. I'm sure you'll be inspired here. I haven't touched the bread machine in months, though it has its uses.