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Malt Syrup? Substitute?

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Malt Syrup? Substitute?

I will attempt the new flax seed loaf recipe I saw on the starting page of this site tommorrow... but I can't remember if I have a jar of malt syrup or extract down in hot kitchen (I'm not their now otherwise I'd check and know for sure).

But can anyone shed some light on this...

Can I substitute something else for the malt in case I get to the kitchen tommorow and find out I haven't got malt?
Perhaps brown sugar or mollasses? Or does malt contribute something all together different to the recipe?

Will the recipe work well with a substitution? Or does it support or cause certain chemical reactions that are vital to the bread turning out properly?

Thanks in advance for any knowledge shared.


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I'm not sure about substituting, however I'm about to shape some dough in which I replaced the sugar with an equal amount of malt extract. I also started a starter yesterday to which I added some malt extract in the hope accelerating the yeast activity, I think it's worked as I have a few bubbles already. My guess would be you can substitute sugar, molasses and malt etc which should result in subtle differences in flavour between them but I'm no expert so I could be wrong...
I love malt and eat the extract or powder straight from the tin, so of course I like to have malt in just about everything ;-)

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Yes, you can sub in molasses, brown sugar, or white sugar for the malt powder. Heck, there is so little malt in that recipe that I bet you could completely leave it out and still end up with reasonable approximation.

I agree with KazaKhan that malt is excellent. It is a handy thing for a baker to have around, and not terribly expensive or hard to find.

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Thank you very much KazaKhan and Floyddm for the information.
I am off now to bake that bread and see how it turns out. If I have the malt then with malt it is... if not... then I'll have to use unsulphured molasses. Thanks again.

Best regards,