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New to TFL, Hello and I have a question?

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New to TFL, Hello and I have a question?

Hello I am new. I am not fabulous in the kitchen but I get by. I have been wondering about the equipment I use though. I am stuck on the non-stick pans (did not mean to be "punny") anyhow, is it better to use the iron, ceramic, steel and such? Or is non-stick just as good? My friend told me I should use the iron and steel for better results all around. Thanks for your expertise.


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Hi, Connie. 

Welcome to TFL! For what kind of cooking will you be using the pans? And what kind of pans - bread baking, frying,  soup?  

Your saying you are "stuck" on non-stick - Does that mean stuck on as in "in love with" or stuck on as in "saddled with?"