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Help Please - There are bubbles under my crust

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Help Please - There are bubbles under my crust

I've been making the 100% Whole Wheat Bread recipe on the back of the King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour bag for about 3 months now on a weekly basis. The last few times I've made the bread, I've had an issue with air pockets under the top crust (see photo below which is about the worst I've seen yet). I haven't changed anything regarding the recipe and did not have this issue the first couple of times I made this particular recipe. I thought I might be overproofing (generally I do about a 50 minute first rise, and a 30 to 40 minute rise in the pans after shaping), but I'm not sure if that's the case. Any help anybody can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

-Darron from The Teacher Learns to Cook


Wheat Bread Bubble Under Top CrustWheat Bread Bubble Under Top Crust

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dvigs24, I had the same problem with the same recipe. I solved the problem by slashing the top of the loaf which allowed the gas to escape through the top of the loaf. I have also been proofing longer and using a bit less yeast than called for. I am only a beginning baker, but I hope that helps!

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I'm a beginner myself.  Thanks for the suggestion!

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Scoring should solve the problem as preacher suggested. However, if you don't want to score the loaf....

How are you doing the final proof in the loaf pan? If it is out in the open or not airtight, then a thick skin will form on top of the loaf and keep the gasses from escaping. I usually proof sandwich loaves in food grade plastic bags and never had  that problem before.

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I'd been doing the final proof in the open covered with a towel.  I'll try the plastic bags this week.  Thanks for the tip!

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I have purchased some XXL bags made by ZipLock. They are very heavy duty and made originally for storing clothing or blankets I think. They make great bags for bread proofing and can be used over and over again. I think I got two of them for about $6 last year and I'm still using them.


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I doubt it's a big deal, but in BBA it's mentioned that the difference between food grade plastic bags and regular ones is that regular ones can leech petrochemicals into food, so it might be worth it to get some food bags, (though I'd imagine if you are re-using the same bags over and over there's a limit to what could even possibly be leeched, and on such a small scale as us hobbyists usually make well, I think exposure would be pretty small) 

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I was going to post this morning about using ZipLock or Hefty XL bags. I was considering using these bags to hold stored grain in my plastic pails with gamma seals. The pails are marked HDPE on the bottom and the company said they are food safe but the internet info has some concern with HDPE for food storage. Anyway, I thought maybe I'd use the XL bags from ZipLock or HEFTY as a liner.


I emailed HEFTY and here is their reply:

Thank you for writing to us regarding our Hefty® Big Bags®.

This product was not designed for Food Storage and consequently, Pactiv
cannot offer representation of Big Bags® compliance with FDA food packaging
regulations. However, Big Bags® ingredient materials and fabricating
practices should not be of concern from a food safety standpoint in the
event of incidental contact with food.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Lisa Landers
Consumer Affairs Representative
Pactiv Corporation
 To me it sounds like the bags are food safe but do not have the FDA approval. Maybe I'm wrong and maybe no one cares anyway but just thought I'd pass it along. I'm going to use the pails and just keep the grain in the bag it's packaged in...which, I'm sure, is "FDA approved" but who knows what, if anything, any of it means anymore. Hope this isn't a downer to your post so early in the morning :) 


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Maybe this information is a little old, but over a year ago I posed the same question to SC Johnson Company, regarding ZipLoc "Big Bags":

Ziploc Big Bags are approved for use in food preparation, however, they
should not be used in the oven or microwave.

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I think you'll find some guidance here..