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No Rye Flour

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No Rye Flour

I don't know what it means but I have been at 4 supermarkets in the last 2 weeks and there is no rye flour. I wonder if this is the food shortage.

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on here I think concerning rice and flours.I also read about it in the paper a while back. Google it and you can find several articles about it. I don't know if the shortage is real, or just people thinking it is and stock piling; causing a shortage. Anyway, give it a shot.

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staff of life

Can you give us your approx location?  I've not noticed it being a problem at the stores here in VA.  I also recently ordered a 50lb bag and I got it, though it cost an arm and a leg.


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I am in west Florida about 30 miles NW of Tampa. I ordered 50 pounds from my local health food store. The price wasn't bad. It will take about a week to get it. The way I go through flour I think that is what I will be doing in the future.

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... just a few weeks ago, and looks like I was just in time. Yikes.

Here's the post and thread about the impending (already here?) rye shortage.

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No shortages here that I'm aware of.

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PaddyL Montreal.  I can only buy it in small quantities in health food stores.

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You can get it at Bulk Barn for 79¢ a kilo, about 1/2 the price of bulk AP flour. Scoop as much as you need. 


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Of course it wouldn't be in English, it would have a French translation, but I don't know of an outlet that sells flour in bulk in Montreal.  If there is one, I'd sure like to hear of it.

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Local supermarket still sells Hodgson Mills' stuff for $2.50/5lb, but I wanted to get some medium rye and KAF price is $6.25/3lb, and that, my friends, is just insane.

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I also have the same options as you. As much as I like stocking up on King Arthur wheat flours, I'm not paying that much for rye.

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Here on Whidbey Island in WA Hodgson Mills' rye was $4.19 for a 5 lb bag this morning. All of the KA flours were $5.99 for a 5lb bag. I am trying to convince myself that I like Harvest King bread flour as much as KA - at half the price! A.

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Mini Oven

When I'm out walking, (I live in a rural area) I walk the edge of the fields.  The rye is heading out or blooming at the moment.  There seems to be more rye this year than last.  And more rye compared to wheat. 

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I've been to all the markets looking for Harvest King Flour. Talked to the manager and he said they can't get Harvest King flour anymore. Checked with my cousin who lives about 250 miles in Chester Calif. She looked in that area for the flour, plus Reno Nevada, and Chico Calif. She still couldn't get a hold of the flour.

Harvest King Flour---There is definitely a shortage of this flour now. The store managers can't even assure me of an incoming order. They simply can't get the flour.

I also noticed the bleached flours are building up in volume at the Super markets and the stock of unbleached flour is minimal. Unbleached flour is also being depleted. It's just a matter of time and soon their will be no unbleached flour to buy at the grocery stores. I normally use Gold Medal unbleached flour for all my bread baking.

Monday I'm going to load up on unbleached flour by Gold Medal before the prices soar again, and the flour is depleted I can only fine 5 and 10 lb bags.

Friendly Co-op---I place and order for organic bread flour 50 lbs , and 25 lbs of rye berries don't know If I'll even get my order filled, will just have to wait and see.

Cooking Oil---were to have shortage on oil too. I usually buy organic cold pressed oils. So, the prices of cooking oils are going to soar even higher. Coconut oil from the my last order jumped $5.00 higher and I believe it going to soar again.

Yes!...I would say all the news about food shortage are for real. Buy while you can.

Jolly, the unhappy baker


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I also noticed that country living milling grain mills are backordered in many websites. Maybee a trend is starting.

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Mini Oven

Nothing like lack of ingredients to stimulate the creative mind .... start a new thread.   All suggestions welcome!  Go here:  Time to get creative with the substitutes!

Mini O