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Handmade Loaves

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Handmade Loaves

I've been gobbling up The Handmade Loaf. Great book. A pity it is so hard to find in the states.

I'm too tired to post any recipes or articles tonight, though I will again soon. I'm long overdue. For now, a roll call of things I baked this weekend:

cinnamon buns Cinnamon Buns - an amalgam of recipes.

flax seed bread Flax Seed Bread - from Dan Lepard's book. He calls it Linseed Wheat Bread, I believe. So good I made a second batch. It looks like a yam, no?

barm bread Barm Bread - another Dan Lepard recipe. Bottle conditioned beer mixed with a bit of levain. I used a combination of white, whole wheat, barley, and rye flours. Not one I'm overjoyed by, but a worthwhile baking experiment.

barm bread My pain sur poolish and the flax bread being oogled by the littlest one.


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What is it specifically about Dan Lepard's book that you like?

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Mm... The selection of recipes is good, the photos are nice, but I think more than anything it is the attitude. The book is approachable: I don't get that "do everything exactly as I say or your not worthy" vibe that I do from some other cookbook authors. He just seems into it.

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It's a book that I also like very much. A simple, hands on approach - which works. I LOVE the virtually no - knead method!