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Hey all!!  Obviously, since I am introducing myself, I am new to the site. 

I joined because, well, i like making bread!! We had a bread maker when I was young, and I remember making bread with it frequently.   Now I am off on my own, and really want to get into bread making. My first experience making bread was over christmas, when my mom handed me a foccacia recipie and told me to try it.  Since that first foccacia, I have been hooked.  Now, as prices for everything have skyrocketed. I have decided that making my own bread for me and my roommates would be healthier, taste better, and cheaper than buying loaves at the store.  

 as far as my cooking style goes... i tend to be very experimental.  throw a little of this in, top it with some of that, hmm, that should taste good!  type things.  Its fun, and the food never turns out the same way twice.  

 give me a shout, I am excited to start exploring the site and getting to know you as I get better at the whole bread making thing.  Can't wait to share bread making experiences with you!



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You sound like you have a lot of fun in the kitchen.  I also like to experiment with my baking.  My family teases me about the fact that I never stick to a recipe.  I'm always issuing the disclaimer that I followed the recipe except... and have a list of changes.  Great things can be discovered that way.