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Parchment paper at GFS

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Parchment paper at GFS

I was poking around the baking department of my local Gordon Food Services (a restaurant supply co. with stores in the Midwest, FL, PA, KY, and TN) today and on the top shelf I came across 50-sheet packets of 16.5" x 12.5" parchment for $3.49. Seven bucks for 100 sheets is much better than the $20 I paid KA when I ordered parchment from their catalog last fall. If you're near a GFS, check it out.

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This seems to be quite a bit cheaper than Reynolds rolls, and GFS is walking distance away.

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Appreciate the link Jim, but Acemart would charge $20.17 to ship the $43.95 product. Acemart is in Texas and I'm in Michigan - but that's a good price for Texas residents.

Suave, the GFS sheets are flat so you don't have to deal with curling paper. Martha Stewart probably irons curled parchment paper. I don't even know where my iron is. :-)




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That's where I've been getting my parchment paper from, it's been great, I had them order in a Peel for me too, $20 for a nice wide wooden one, made bread (And pizza!) making soooo much easier for such little investment,

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I can't quite remember the price, but I buy the "full" sheet pan size, (18"x 24" or so) and cut them in half while still in their wrapper, so I get 200 "half " sheet size for the same price.  but that's just me.  Did you check out their flour whie you were there?  I buy the "seal of Minnesota " type. 


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Mkelly, I was paying more attention to the price at GFS than the size of the paper. The parchment they sell is in fact 16 3/8" x 24 3/8" and today I purchased two 50-sheet packs for a total of $6.98. Cut in half, they'll fit nicely on my baking pans and that will give me 200 sheets.

The flour at our local GFS is all bleached and I forgot to ask if they ever stocked unbleached. Will do that on my next visit since I drive by it every day.

While I really like KA flours, I am blown away by the tremendous markup on their baking items. The parchment purchased for $6.98 through GFS would have cost me $40 at KA, plus another $10 for shipping. KA's SAF Red Instant Yeast sells for $5.50 for a pound. It's $2.38 at GFS.