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extra fancy durum flour

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extra fancy durum flour

I have been trying to find durum flour for a while now, exclusive of buying it from KA and/or paying as much for shipping as for the product itself. I finally was able to purchase it through my local health food store. Only catch is that I had to purchase 50#. I like to bake bread but 50# bag is too much. Anyone living in The Tacoma Seattle WA area and would like to share, please respond to I paid about $65.

Tony Lamberti 

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I have used Bob's Red Mill semolina in my breads and it seemed to have worked OK (my kids ate them!).  But with the additional reading I've been doing, I am wondering if the grind is fine enough to be semolina "flour" or if BRM brand is really better for pasta.

The recipes included both semolina and bread flour, so I did get gluten and rise.

Is semolina slightly grittier than wheat flour?  The texture of the flour is like fine cornmeal, but much finer than polenta.

Advice?  suggestions?  Tony, I only wish I lived in Seattle!



Philadelphia PA

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Hello Tony


If you go to the Bulk Barn stores online they are in Ohio States, as well as Canada, they carry Durum Flour, I never used it in bread, but we have a special cookies for Easter its made with Semolina #2 ( # 1 is coarse Semolina we used it for our desserts and Maamoul) and an # 2 is finer and i used it for cookies- i was out of #2 and happened that I bought couple of pounds of Durum Semolina to try it instead of flour and mix in and it was just perfect, keep the crunch in my cookies and actually better than the flour. 

Try and see if they can ship the flour to your area.

good luch, will apreciate if you can share more recipes for Durum flour


Good luck Arlette