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2-3lb recipes

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2-3lb recipes

Hi I just got a new breadmaker for mothers day and we are trying to find recipes for it. It a black and decker all in one horizontal delux. THat makes 2-3lb loaves. Can anyone hlep us out? Thanks.

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For people who have found their way to this site the best source of bread machine recipes IMHO is _Rustic European Breads from Your Bread Machine_ (Hardcover) by Linda West Eckhardt (Author), Diana Collingwood Butts (Author) ISBN-10: 0385477775, which you will have to buy on the used market.

However, for each new bread machine I have bought, up to and including my current Zo, I have found it best to start with the basic recipes that come with the machine. Even if they aren't exactly what you want to get to in the long run, they have been tested by the manufacturer and will give you the best understanding of what the machine can and can't do before you start branching out on your own. Every machine has its own set of strong points and weak points.

Does this machine actually have a 3 lb capacity?


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new baker

Sorry to be so dense, but what does IMHO mean?

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IMHO>In My Humble Opinion

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This one has a 3 lb. capacity.  So far I am not having much luck finding 3 lb. recipes.

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> So far I am not having much luck finding 3 lb. recipes.

Bread receipes scale linearly - just break out the old ratios worksheet from 7th grade and ratio up any handy recipe to 3 lb.  Or use one of the on-line or spreadsheet bakers math/scaling calculators that people have posted here on TFL.


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Tom the Family Baker

I, too, have the Black and Decker we-don't-want-to-help-you bread maker. I'm very disappointed with the lack of recipes in the manual AND the complete lack of recipes and support on their web site. I've had good luck with a couple of the recipes but I'd really like to find a good dough recipe that doesn't require things like sour cream.


I'll check out the link mentioned above and would REALLY appreciate anyone posting or sending other links. I've spent over half an hour looking around today and found tons of web recipes that DON'T TELL YOU WHAT SIZE LOAF THEY MAKE! DUH!! I don't want to risk "scaling up" as is suggested above. Call me paranoid but I'd rather not risk a bunch of ingredients to find I made a mistake with ratios or my machine doesn't like the changes.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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new baker

I checked out Beth Hensperger's "The Bread Lovers Bread Machine Cookbook"  I found it at the public library (I also found Peter Reinhart's book, too).  This is a really good way to get a feel for a book in order to decide if you want to purchase it.

She tells the size of the loaf and most of the ingredients are everyday stuff.  My only dissappointment is that most of the recipes are plain bread flour - not whole wheat.

I did make a 100% WW sample loaf (it was only 25% plain bread flour) and aside from needing more liquid, it turned out pretty well.