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Sutter's, Rigo, and Party Cake in NYC

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Sutter's, Rigo, and Party Cake in NYC

Does anyone know when Sutter's Bakery on 10th St. in Greenwich Village closed?  I'm thinking it was in the mid-80's, but I'd love to know for sure.  Also, I'd love to find a corn muffin like Party Cake used to have and a cheese danish like Rigo Pastry had.  Everything I try now seems to be lardy and over-sweetened.  I live in LA now but am in NYC - my culinary and spiritual home - often.

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Sutter's closed because of a greedy landlord. It was a wonderful bakery and where I bought my very first croissants. They made them on the premises, and also had them flown in frozen from Paris. Their own were better. The landlord asked for double the rent and the entire neighborhood was stunned to arrive one day and find a notice on the door saying they'd closed. The foolish landlord wasn't able to rent the premises for well over a year, and only succeeded when he broke the lot up into smaller parcels that shops could afford.