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I have been looking around this site for quite a while and decided it was about time to say hello to everyone!  I love this place and any questions I have been stumped on I can find right here.  I have been baking bread for many years and have just been totally blown away with the true artisian skills of baking bread.  I started baking bread with Mom...who loved to make her version of french bread and make apple even fixed her up an oven outside so she could bake when it was hot...I miss them both very much.  My family is very Irish and loves soda was always around with a good cup of tea and lots of laughs.  I have been having so much fun cooking in a wood fired pizza oven.  My daughter surprised me with it at Christmas.  She knows I love to cook...baking being my true love. I've been making a lot of  pizza's and grilling and only done a few loaves...I'm still experimenting with temp. control and we plan on moving the oven to another spot in the yard. Well, Im learning all over again and having a great time doing it.  If I ever learn to post pictures from a digital camera....I'll post them. Thank you all for your help.

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Hi, SilviaH! We have a few things in common -- an Irish heritage and a wood-fired oven. I've been learning how to make and bake bread in mine for the last few months -- still a LONG way to go! But we also like to bake other things in the WFO as well. It makes killer roasted veggies, galettes, chicken, pulled pork, etc.

I'd love to see a pic of your oven. I recently posted a few of mine in the photo section.