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Thank you Mike Avery and bwraith

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Thank you Mike Avery and bwraith

I wanted to thank you both and if you don't mind, ask another couple questions.

First, I followed your advice on storing my starters for about ten days and they are just fine.  The white one looked brownish, but had almost no hooch and rose within four hours when I fed it.  The rye looks fine too, and as I have left it for longer periods and had no rye yesterday, it will get fed today.

So, my question is, if my starter acted perfectly normal and I have just fed it a second time, does it need a longer recouperation period or can it get back to work this afternoon? 

Thanks again,


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Mike Avery

When an athlete is hurt, the team doctor isn't looking at the broken leg and saying, "You can play in 4 weeks, because broken legs take 4 weeks to heal."  The team doctor looks at the athlete, looks at the leg, and considers how the athlete is performing.  Can the athlete run, evade chasers, chase other players, can the athlete do this for the amount of time required by the game?  When the athlete is OK and ready to play, whether that's 2 weeks or 20, then the doctor says, "You're OK!"


All of that was my long winded way of saying that the starter will tell you when it's ready to play.  My test is that it is doubling in size between feeedings, and has doubled in size (or better) since the last feeding.  If you use it too soon after a feeding, the bread takes a lot longer to rise.


Hope that helps,

Mike, who is NOT any team's doctor


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I've wondered the same.