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mixer for doughmaking

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the doughman

mixer for doughmaking

hello fellow bread makers i have recently joined the ranks of prospective bread makers and was very please to find this site as a home for my trouble.i will probably finish up baking bread and cakesof some descriptiony every day now that i don't have to go to work anymore. no i didn't win the lottery or marry a rich widow i have finally reached the ripe old age of 65 and will very soon now be receiving so much cash from the gov' each week that all my money worries will be over. thats providing gordon brown doesn't steal any more of it, lets face it he's had enough of it already. he even robbed my little private pension that i paid extra for out of my taxable earnings. damn crook and he wants my vote to keep him in power. no chance. anyway to better things.

i am a complete beginner so will rely heavily on the recipes and advise found on this site until i learn better. that also probably means i will ask some very basic stupid questions in the forum the first of wich is already there about mixers in the gear sectionthats enough for now so cheerio be back tomorrow

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Glad you have joined us loafers.  Your description of Gordon Brown could fit nearly any politician :-)  Like baseball cards.. I'll trade you 2 Cheney's for a Brown.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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it is unkind to foist a weapon of mass destruction on a friendly neighbor! Not to mention two! David

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Completely lost my head there for a moment...must be the flour dust and wild yeast that's making me soooo crazy.  Doc says symtoms should disappear around January :-)

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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... you have to filter US hardware advice! 


Reading around this forum, you'll see that the Electrolux DLX gets very good word of mouth. Unfortunately, Electrolux don't offer it in the UK.

However it is available in some parts of Europe. Lacking pals in Scandinavia or Germany, you might try the shop in Luxembourg that occasionally offers them on eBay. BTW, the terms "DLX" and "Magic Mill" don't seem to be used in Europe. Look for things called Assistent N22, N24 or N26 (which actually mean more or less included accessories). And yes, Electrolux do spell it Assistent. Really.

As a domestic dough mixer, its the thing to aspire to. It is usable for other stuff, but I'm not sure whether it has a similar advantage over the competition for other mixing tasks.


For smaller quantities - doughs with 500g or so of flour - you are in Kenwood territory. KitchenAid machines are damn expensive in Europe as compared to their US prices, so unless you really like the colour options...

I've heard it said that KA is better than Kenwood for cake mixing - because of a smaller tool/bowl clearance. This is actually easily (but spanner) adjustable on Kenwoods - if needed. And with the new "flexible" Kenwood beater, this becomes a total non-issue, since that wipes the bowl.

Older, but recentish, Chefs were, if not underpowered, less meaty than the more recent ranges. The KM 0xx series are much more potent than the older KM 2xx models.

Antique 700 series machines only take the antique 700 series attachments. Not the current attachments. But the 900 series and KM's take the current attachments.

"Majors" have bigger (taller) bowls. (Bowls and bowl tools, natch aren't interchangeable between Chef and Major.) Some Chefs have stronger motors than some Majors! Check the detailed spec for the machine you are considering! Google is your friend. 

There is one (expensive) Major model line intended for commercial use - uniquely it has pushbuttons for on/off and a particularlty robust gearbox. Its expensive, noisy, and understandably a bit rare!  


For dough mixing, don't even consider any machine less rugged (lighter weight) than a Kenwood Chef.  


Some might suggest a food processor as an alternative to a mixer. Personally, I wouldn't.