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Help with King Arthur site?

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Help with King Arthur site?

Hi all,

I feel like a dope having to ask this, but could someone tell me how to navigate the KA site? Specifically, I can't seem to find any mention of flour or grains being available in any amounts over 5#. I'd just like to be able to compare prices as I'm considering buying 50# each of Sir Lancelot flour and whole red spring wheat berries. I can get them from my co-op for $.90/# for the flour and $.74/# for the wheat. That adds up to a pretty hefty investment from my point of view, and if KA offers them for substantially less, I'd love to take advantage of their free shipping offer!



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I'd suggest you contact them directly, by e-mail. I haven't been able to find such information on the Website either, but they are very responsive to emails to customer service.


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alternatively you could go to the professional bakers section of their site, and then to the distributors section and see if there is a distributor in your area - then contract the distributors directly to see if they'll sell you the quantity you want

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their customer service still has the focus on service.  A telephone call will be answered immediately, an email takes a bit longer.   Good luck, and please report back with what you find out.  Thanks.

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I just emailed KA on this question earlier this week.  They told me they do not sell bulk retail.  They referred me to the distributor list on the professional end of their site.

Bummer is, the closest distributor is 2 hrs away!  Will prob. have to mail order from some other mill. 


Paula F

Philadelphia PA

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Thanks all,

I'd planned to call KA on Monday, but you've answered my question for me! The nearest distributor on the list is at least 6 hours away, so I guess I'll stick with my co-op.

I can't say the prices are much better than the grocery store for the regular flours, but it's the only way I can get the high gluten or whole berries. Actually, I'm rethinking the high gluten purchase and considering trying vital wheat gluten in my whole wheat.

So many variables, so little time...