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I'm trying to locate a recipe for what I've grown up knowing as ONION POCKETS.  I've searched the web to no avail, and the alternative look-up of ONION ROLLS are not what I had in mind, at least I haven't come across them yet under that name that I recognize as being the same.

The bread is a light, challah type bread in color, and somewhat in textureabout 3"x4" in size, slightly rectangular.  In the middle are the onions.Wonder if I could make challah dough, roll out, and put an onion mixture?

 Would like to find a recipe for these, esp. for one I could make with whole wheat (reg. or white).  I don't know them by any other name.  Does anyone know of a recipe??


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I have had Onion Bialys---would that be what you are referring to? Just a thought.

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Try searching for a recipe for "onion strudel". I think that may be what you are looking for. I have a good yeast strudel dough recipe if you need one.

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So, what does one do at 4am in the morning when they can't sleep - search the net! Thanks for your suggestions, but I don't think a strudel is it, and I definitely know they aren't bialeys.

 BUT, I searched and searched and came across a few recipes that were pretty close and one that seems to be "it"

 There's a recipe I found that actually is posted here on the site for a for a        ONION ANDD POPPY SEED PURIM RING.  When I saw that I thought it was close, though way too many poppy seeds for me, and it would have to be made in to rolls.  Found the same recipe posted on another site, with half the amount of poppy seeds. Both sources list it from the book BLESSING OF BREAD by

 Then it seems I may have hit pay dirt.  The recipe is posted on the KING ARTHUR website for ONION ROLLS

Any opinons if I could sub white whole wheat flour for the all purpose in this recipe - I don't use any regular white flours when I bake.  I use the KA ww flours, usually adding some vital wheat gluten.

Again, thanks for your help!!! 



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I posted an Onion Poppy Seed Bread (braided ring) to AllRecipes years ago that my sister-in-law gave to me.

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I made the KA recipe - they're cooling right now, but didn't come out as I hoped.  They're a bit too big, and checking on them after only 7 of the 10 minutes of suggested baking time, they're pretty darn brown (okay, almost burnt) on the bottom.

They do appear to be light, hoping fluffy - the taste test will come in a little while, til then, I have to figure out what happened.

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I can see why they almost burned--baking at 500 degrees! I'd try turning the heat down to 450 next time. Other than the burning, was the filling and the dough what you were hoping for?  If you do sub WWW flour in the recipe the rolls won't be as fluffy. If that isn't an issue with you, then go for it.

A few things that you could do to aid in the bottoms not browning so much:

~move the oven rack to a higher position (tops might brown too much, though)

~Use an air-bake style of baking sheet or a baking stone

~Use two baking sheets, layered one on top of the other

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I know, 500 seemed excessive, but with me not knowing how to cook, I try and follow directions - I should have checked them even sooner, but didn't think to do so, that was until my nose told me to due to the burning I started to smell!  I was thinking of going to 350 for longer and just keeping an eye out.

 They are probably double in size what they should be, so I'd definitely cut them down in size - maybe I left them to rise a bit too long? 

The ones I remember had more of an egg wash (shiny) crust. Brushing them with the butter just didn't do it for me in the way of looks.  Will try an egg wash next time.

Taste, besides the underside being a bit "over done" with the addition of more salt, I think they'll be fine.  I'm not sure if it would be better to add additional salt to the dough or to the onion mixture, but it definitely needed more in some way.

 My Mom was my test rat, she thought they were good besides the above mentioned problems.  She didn't think they tasted too "wheaty" 


The adjustments I made were as follows:

I used agave nectar in place of the sugar

I used the KA white whole wheat

I added 1 1/2tbl vital wheat gluten

I added dry milk powder & water to equivalant to amount called for


As for the amount of flour called for, I used almost the full amount.  I started with the minimum and had to keep adding another 6-7 tbl to get it right.  Dough was a nice consistency, easy to shape.

ThHanks for the help and suggestions, will try.  I did bake them on the top shelf, used parchment too.  Will try alternatives on the next go-round.






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This is an old thread , not sure to continue on this or start a new one????

Well anyway, I made Bialy's and Norm's onion roll from here, but what the OP and I are looking for are known as Onion Pocket Rolls or Miami Onion Rolls. Around here (I'm in NJ), these rolls look like an enriched dinner roll dough, and are kind of square. It looks like they are rolled out, filled with onion and poppy seeds, folded in thirds and sliced. They appear as a square flatter roll. I would probably use a dinner roll (or Challah) dough recipe and and make them as I mentioned. Any suggestions? Not much on the Internet for these that I can find.


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sheffield (not verified)

A couple of forum members (Stan Ginsberg and Norm Berg) got together and wrote a book with recipes and memories from the golden age of jewish baking.  Included in the book is a recipe for Onion Pockets.  Check out the book at