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Lucky to have found you

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Lucky to have found you

Dear all,

It's been an amazing 3 weeks.  Through strenuously browsing posts/photos/recipes on TFL for hours (literally...^^) everyday, I have embarked on my bread making journey with of all you guiding me through each and every baby step.  I belive the most appropriate way to express my appreciation is to bravely share the progress I made so far and hopefully I could have more to offer in the future to come!!!

It all started with Floyd's Simple White Bread: somehow it turned out only half the size...albeit with all the right amount of ingredients :p did taste all right after being toasted though...


2nd try on the "Same" Simple White Bread: what a difference a day's search on TFL can make!!!  I know I could be biased, but it really tasted great.


After this minor success, I ventured into malking Buttermilk Cluster, Poolish White Bread, Rustic Bread, Daily Bread, Honey Buttermilk Bread, Apple Walnut Bread (minus Walmut...still delicious though), Semolina Sandwich Bread, the lovely Struan Bread and I even tried my luck on Brioche (very arrogant indeed ^^) As you might have guessd, yes, I have been baking almost everyday with consequence on the waistline!!!  How can a satisfying and most enjoyable hobby come with such penalty???  Any of you have the same "expansion" problem???


And here are the ones I baked this Saturday: Top: Ciabatta; bottom left: Italian; bottom right: Baked Potato Bread with So So So much bacon


Want to say thank you to every one of you and the webmaster Floyd, but I think this concludes best: "it's truly lucky that I have found you all here at TFL"!

 Alicia from Shanghai

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I'm took me over a year to make decent rock and welcome to TFL!

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Dear Paddyscake,

I am still just making baby steps at the moment...but thank you for the kind words! ^^ Would love to make sourdough one day, but at the moment, it all sounds way too daunting.  Will try get my hands on some books recommended by people here first...



holds99's picture

Good to have you join us.  There are some truly great bakers and genuinely nice people on this site.  You have found el dorado. 

Howard - St. Augustine, FL