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Hello, to Everyone!

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Hello, to Everyone!

 Hi, my name is Joe and I've been lurking this site for a while.  I've posted on other food related message boards and the bread topics never seemed to reach a depth of discussion comparable to this board.  I'm looking foward to discussing the ends and outs of bread baking with everyone here!  I'm an avid home baker as of now, possibly looking to make a career out of this wonderful craft.  Hopefully I can help some people out and hopefully I can get some help in areas I'm lacking in.   I don't really know what else to say other than I'm excited to be in the company of other people who love bread and baking!


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I, too, have been lurking for a little while and Joe's post inspired me to post also. This site has been so much help. I had problems getting a sourdough starting going, and now finally have some success with Mike Avery's method as detailed on his website ( Thanks, Mike! Today I baked my first loaf using the starter--the 68% rye hearth loaf in Peter Reinhart's book, Whole Grain Breads. It's delicious. Kind of a homely loaf, but in a nice way. :>) Thanks to all of you who post on this site; I appreciate all of the great info here.