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Pretzel question - no boil pretzels?

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Pretzel question - no boil pretzels?


I just bought a pretzel at the main Whole Foods in Austin, TX and it was amazing (although not what you would think of as your typical soft pretzel)! It didn't seem like it was boiled and was lighter than air. I was wondering if anyone has had this pretzel and might have the recipe or an idea of how to make it? I checked the Whole Foods website and they do have a soft pretzel recipe, but it calls for ingredients not listed on the label from the Whole Foods bakery that came with the pretzel I bought. 



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I've never had Whole Foods pretzels, but I make my own.  I don't boil them, I do dip them in a weak lye solution which is room temperature.  They are very light and soft.  There is some debate about using the lye - the traditional German recipes do call for it, but some use boiling water and baking soda to do much the same thing.  I never had much luck with that method, but the lye works for me. 

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Do you just use a standard pretzel recipe then and omit the boiling step?

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I've made baked pretzels in the past from a basic bread-type recipe which I can post if you'd like.  The only problem I have with them is the salt on top; it tends to melt into the pretzel by the next day.