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I didn't bake this weekend. I made waffles and pancakes, but that isn't really baking, is it?

I baked last weekend, both a sourdough and a poolish bread, but I've been swamped. Work is busy and I'm doing some freelancing on the side, I'm taking a Spanish class, and I've really gotten sucked in to rereading The Iliad. Twisted, eh?

Probably the most bread-like thing I did this weekend was watch The Tick vs. The Breadmaster. If you have broadband and twenty minutes to kill, it is an amusing cartoon.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a used copy of Dan Lepard's The Handmade Loaf from a bookseller in Ipswich. I'm hoping it'll get here soon and that it'll kick me into the baking mood again.


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Floyd--just what I wanted to hear about! I've developed a hankering for really good tortillas, and can't find a recipe that looks promising. Will you share yours?

Nancy H.
(I've just realized there are two of us signed in as Nancy, so I'll be Nancy H., since I'm the later-comer)

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I make corn tortillas. I just buy a bag of masa flour from the local tienda for 3 bucks and follow the instructions on the side of the bag. Nothing fancy, but when they are fresh they are wonderful!

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Ditto what Floydm said. A good tortilla press is very very helpful, too. I've made them with and without, and it is MUCH easier to deal with if you have a press.

Also, if you live in an area with a thriving latino community you may be able to find fresh masa at market. This is both easier to use, and I believe much tastier than rehydrated masa harina. But even the rehydrated stuff is worlds above what you can buy at the store premade!

Nathan Sanborn

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I've been meaning to get a tortilla press.

I didn't know about fresh masa. I'll have to look for that the next time I make them.