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The Audrey 2 Saga: Feed #3

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The Audrey 2 Saga: Feed #3

So it's now 9 a.m. (about) and we're ready to go with feed number three. We've taken apart the previous feed ball and scooop out 30g of that starter from the bubbly center.

I might note here that there's a slight sour smell present although not terribly strong.

In the meantime, Mini has added a post to the original forum thread, saying she's started up a stiff ball as well so we'll then be able to track the two stiff starters at the same time to see what happens.

She also makes mention that she's added 70g of flour to her ball so that's what we'll do as well.

So for this third feed we have:

30g starter
50g spring water
70g organic rye flour

And here it is after getting a final dusting:

Audrey Feed #3

Off she goes into the proofing box and we'll check on progress and post any new pics if there's something noteworthy.

I'll also update the forum thread itself in case anyone's interested in following this little saga/experiment.


Part Deux:

So Mini says Audrey's all growed up and ready to go raise bread of her own. Awww... <sniff..>

They leave the nest so soon...

Anyway, since I didn't get that message until just a minute or two ago (gasp, I did stuff AWAY from the computer??!?) here's another update on where Audrey is right now...

Audrey goes flat again


So I'll now start using her and feeding her over to All Purpose then pop her in the fridge after keeping a chunk for some first run test bread.

Weekly feedings, I assume, pulling her out before the weekend to get some bread going.

Now to go hunt up a recipe or two. I suppose I need to also figure out what hydration ratio she actually is in case I need to use her in a normally comm. yeast recipe (no not right now, in the future). I'll add this to the thread when I get that done so that if anyone else folows along, they'll have the info.

So there we go, the Audrey Saga is sort of at an end already. Who'da thunk it would be so quick!

Of course the REAL end will be posting some bread pics. Since it's Sunday night here, not sure if I'll get time to make any for a few days... Those who are watching, keep an eye out!

Thanks a BAZILLION to Mini and Mike for their help. You guys are beyond great.

See you all in a couple of days or so with the first batch of Audrey Bread!!


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Mini Oven

If you take some of Audrey and mix her 100g water & 100g flour by weight, that's 100% hydration (or close enough) and when mature, plugs into many recipes.

If you want to substitute her for instant commercial yeast, then take just some of Audrey and use some water and flour from the recipe to build her up. But remember to give her some time, she will need longer than instant to build her yeasties up and rise for you. Once she has doubled what you mix with her, give her more, that means the rest of the ingredients (and half the instant yeast if you like, don't have to) if you're baking a kilo loaf (roughly add up the liquids and flours in the recipe) that works fine. If you're making more dough, like two kilos, then tripple this 130g sourdough starter by adding more water & flour, say 150g each. Wait till it doubles and add the rest of the recipe. The amounts don't have to be exact just keep track of them.

Mini O

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mini oven wrote:
If you take some of Audrey and mix her 100g water & 100g flour by weight, that's 100% hydration (or close enough)

(Smacks self on forehead) D'ough!! So obvious.

Thanks again Mini.


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Mini Oven

and good night....  :)  

Mini O