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Dave's Killer Bread in The Oregonian

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Dave's Killer Bread in The Oregonian

There is a good profile of Naturebake in today's Oregonian. The story focuses particularly on the story of Dave's Killer Bread.

I didn't realize that when I was sampling it back at Summerloaf 2005 that that was the debut of Dave's Killer Bread. It is good stuff.

Oregonian story here.

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Dave's Killer Bread is quite awesome.  Two summers ago I was traveling up and down Oregon and when I found this bread in a co op in Corvallis, I decided that I needed to start making bread again (I was into bread making as a kid, but was very bad at it).  I ate it all summer and when I got back home, I learned how to make bread proper.  Dave's Killer Bread has been legendary in my mind since then.  I haven't been to Oregon since, but boy when I do...

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Not ever having tasted the bread, am sure it is excellent. What impresses me most, however, is the road Dave traveled and the U-turn he made to find legitimate success. Better to have your face plastered on a top selling bread than on a "most wanted" poster. Good for him!

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aptly named..if you have to buy commercially made bread, this is the one! Really good stuff, check it out if you have the chance.