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flour to starter to bread (with photos)

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flour to starter to bread (with photos)

Thanks to all the advice and tips from everyone on this site, I think I've successfully created my own sourdough starter from nothing more than flour and water! On top of that, I baked my first loaves of bread with it and they turned out pretty decently, I think!

I tried to document the whole process with photos since I thought it might be useful for others who want to start their own starters some day. So if you will pardon the blatant self-promotion, here's my sourdough journey complete with photos:

Since I'm still relatively new to bread-baking, I'd love to hear any suggestions. In particular, as you might be able to tell from some of the pictures, I had some problems slashing the bread loaves before baking. How deep should the slashes be? What's the best tool for the task?

Thanks! Happy baking!

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cheesecake man


Your pictures look great!!!  Appreciate the tutorial!

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hi .. i am from philippines. i really miss the bread there.i am here in US now. please give me recipe in slice bread. i really miss so much. thank you so much

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Mini Oven

descriptive of the bread you'd like to bake? Tastes, texture, color, crumb, what you like to eat with it. Have you baked bread already using a recipe, which one? There are many recipes on this site, please look around.

Sliced bread, hmmm, one can slice just about any bread. Do you mean toast bread? Sweet toast bread? Sorry about all the questions, just want to be able to help.

Mini O