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Natural Leaven

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Natural Leaven

I am sort of new, but back again with some hard working pages that may help some of  you in your quest to get your hands on leaven. 


  It has been awhile since I visited The Fresh Loaf.  When I posted, a few commented that I should post some pictures of things I have mastered. Well, I decided instead of drawing attention to my books, as a homebaker I ditched the book idea and put what I have acquired in natural leaven on a farm log.  Perhaps the time I have taken to put this together may help to answer some of the personal e-mail comments I recieved from The Fresh Loaf community.

I have listed those logs beneath my closing, and added the yarn one for outside interests unrelated to bread. Sincerely,  Hands on Leaven aka "Christine" at Verdant Farm

 Verdant Farm Logs:

Regional Bread


From The Quiet Countryside
An Unconventional Way to Make Yarn


A Private Pantry

A Farm Cupboard


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6, no've now added SEVEN links to this... all over the site are more than enough: please stop unless you actually have something to contribute to specific discussions.

Your bread link is fine - once, but please dont just spam every thread on here with links to it without actually adding anything to the conversations.

Better to link to specific content or put in specifics than these broad links because it's looking more and more like spam as you come back and post over and over and over again... If you link to the top of the blog in the context of a specific article, it will be useless in a weeks time for anyone who comes here looking to follow the discussion when there's been plenty of new stuff burying whatever you were originally referring to.

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I deleted most of them. As dstroy said, please don't do that.