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Melon Bread Recipes?

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Melon Bread Recipes?

Hi. My name is Mike and I was just watching an anime called Yakitate Japan. Even before watching that anime I wanted to get into the culinary business, but now I'd like to focus on making different types of bread. While watching an episode on this anime they made Melon Bread (I've seen it's called by many names, I'm just sticking to this one). Anyway, being inspired by this I went to google and searched for recipes to make the sweet Melon Bread. Being a fan of asian culture I'm very determnied to get it right. However, when I found the recipes on this site (as directed by google), no recipe said anything about how to add melon flavoring, and if one did, the person reported the dough did not rise properly or the flavor left. In the anime however the main character used two ovens to bake the top and the bottom on this bread, and added a melon paste in between to give it the melon flavoring. Is this possible and if not, are there any recipes out there that can help me make it?


Please note I've had no previous culinary experience or anything close to baking bread from scratch before, I've just recently become inspired by this anime. So if it wouldn't be too much trouble being able to explain it in a way a total newbie like myself could understand?

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Seems to be kind of a though start to begin with filled bread, but supposedly if you want to make melon bread try this.

Start out with a white dough (maybe a bit enriched as i suppose the melon flavour will make it kind of sweet so soft is good)

Make two round cakes(quite thin) and bake them individually, then find yourself a recipie for melon jam and put that in between the two cakes, and voila you have yourself a melon/yeasted birthdaycake!

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I think the name 'melon pan' or melon bread refers to the appearance rather than the flavour ie a cookie crust encasing a soft white bun.  It's very similar to the 'pineapple buns' which I'm familiar with in chinese bakeries...again the name refers to the appearance not pineapple flavouring.

There are several recipes listed on this page  if you haven't already seen those.

I'm keen to try it again using matcha (green tea powder).



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If it's normal bread being mixed with a cookie taste, won't the taste of the normal bread kind of reduce the sweetness of the cookie?

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When I was in Japan last summer I sampled several varieties of melon pan and none of them were as you describe, with a filling between the bread and the topping, although some did have filling inside the bread itself. None of it was melon-flavored, though. I agree with foolishpoolish that the name refers to the appearance, not the flavor. The bread is soft and sweet, so you would use an enriched sweet dough, not a regular white dough.

I made my own version of melon pan and gave some to a Japanese friend who said it looked and tasted authentic. My recipe is here:


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I know it refers the to the shape rather than the flavoring, I was talking about how in the anime, the main character used two ovens, one to cook the cookie dough and the other for the bread dough, and then created a sort of paste to use as an adhesive to hold them together. I saw your recipe by the way a bit earleir in the day and I thoguht I would try it out, I'll let you know how it turned out for me whenever I make it, so thanks in advanced.


P.S. - What is gluten????

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Gluten is a formation of proteins found on the inside of grains. It's what holds the gas bubbles in the dough made by yeast (when you kneed dough, the gluten, from the flour, makes tiny mesh-like structures that hold bubbles). It also makes the dough elastic, and the bread chewy. The more you work the dough and the higher the water content is, the chewier the bread will be.

 Hope this helps

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usually, the bread dough and the cookie dough is baked together.

It can be filled with any kind of filling or can have many variety of flavoring, but if you want to make them, it is best to just start of with basic melon bread(bread roll with sugar cookie on top).  I'm glad that you got inspired in making them : ) Im guessing you already got a recipe you want to try , so Good luck! 


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Amulet Clover

I love Yakitate Japan and I have tried to make Azuma's Melon Sushi pan before. It's sort of a nightmare. The cream softens the cookie layer in an instant and it's just one of those things that takes time to try to create. What I do is fill the bread dough with the cream and then work from there. I ended up skipping the cooking separately thing.


Fill the dough (I use my basic french bread dough for it), fill it with melon cream, and cover it with the cookie dough. As an example, I'll cook a batch soon and post it so it'll be easier to understand.