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Europain 2008 Pics!

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Europain 2008 Pics!

I just uploaded some pics I took from Europain in Paris.

I ate some delicious bread over there and hope you'll all enjoy!



Europain 2008

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What crumb!!! What did you learn there?

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Fantastic!  Are the darker-crumbed loaves whole grain wheat or spelt or what?  Beautiful breads.  You must have had a wonderful time in Paris.

Susan from San Diego

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the pics ! Wow the crumb was fantastic..Lucky you!

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Thanks for sharing these with us, Bart. 

I DREAM of creating a crumb like that.

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Over the photos and especially the crumb. Loved the presentation of the framed breads. Thanks!

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What is the bread marked "80"?

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French flours are graded by their ash content (after burning...)

Baguette flour is very 'white' (low fibre/ash) "T55".

I presume this is some miller 'branding' his T80 (which would be a 'light brown' flour).

At home, you can get a somewhat similar tasting flour by seiving wholemeal - though the effectiveness depends on the size of your seive's holes and the size of the bits of bran in your flour!

Remember that French flours are typically lower protein than "strong bread flour".

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Thanks for explaining dougal, I figured it had something to do with the flour used.

It seems like they seem to use less salt in those loaves too.



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Most of these pics were from the artisan bakery section.

@Susan : I really don't remember what those darker loaves were made of.  It was just too much, too many mills, too many varieties.

Sad thing, a baker in my neighborhood  who made the traditional French bread using this flour went out of business a few years ago, very sad...


@PaddyL : I don't know, I did not ask any info about the loaf.  There was so much going on, so much to see that I did not bother to ask.

I wish I could get a crumb like that too!  Man, those French sure know how to bake bread.  And it is good to see that they care about making  high quality bread.

I could have walked around there forever, allthough it is more aimed at pro bakers, is was very interesting to be there.


I also thought about purchasing an oven I saw there (I am currently saving money for a new one), but the price just was too high a whopping 2645 Euro.  It would take too long to save that kind amount of money.  The one I am saving money for right now costs about a 1000 Euros less, so I guess I go for the cheaper one. 

The one I am not going to get :

The one I will get :

Model B30




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...I've Babelfish translated the description of the oven you're going to get.  I have to say that I'm officially envious!  :)


For 12 breads of 850 g or 18 small. Has two mist keys. 3 barge areas of grog toe: 48x48. Possibility only the upper of heating barge area. Buitenafmetingen 55B/60D/83H; aansluitwaarde 3.1 KW - 230V. Arranged for larger families and the real hobby baker.


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That is a very good translation Darkstar!



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I think this is the flour in question 

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That seems to be correct foolishpoolish.  I quickly Googled for it when I did the previous posting, but did not find it, seems like you did a better job than me.